Working With Nemadji | Part 3: Lost Cash

In the coming months, we will be sharing a series of blogs that focus on people who are willing to share their first-hand experience of the value that Nemadji’s solutions have provided the hospital(s) they have worked with us at.

The third blog in this series comes from the former VP of Revenue Cycle Management at Gwinnett Hospital System, Cathy Dougherty, FHFMA. Cathy was the decision maker when it came to contracting with Nemadji—she recently shared her thoughts with us on what makes a great provider/vendor partnership.


Nemadji’s Eligibility Detection solution was utilized at my health system for many years.

What’s Different About Nemadji?

Our relationship was very productive and brought us “lost cash.” The main differentiator with Nemadji, in my experience, is the simplicity of the contracting and implementation process.

It does not take much time to get the files moving and the cash flowing.

What Value Did Nemadji Bring to Your Hospital and Team?

Cash that we thought was lost or had been forgotten about was brought to us immediately and ongoing.

My staff never really knew the Nemadji team was there as part of the process because they handled everything themselves and communicated only as needed.

Going above and beyond is a normal process for Nemadji. They also joined our team for fundraisers and other community events in support of our health system.

If you want lost and forgotten cash with an easy implementation, call Nemadji.

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