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Working With Nemadji | Part 2: No Stone Unturned

In the coming months, we will be sharing a series of blogs that focus on people who are willing to share their first-hand experience of the value that Nemadji’s solutions have provided the hospital(s) they have worked with us at.

The second blog in this series comes from the PFS Manager of a hospital we have worked with since 2017. We were positioned behind their internal processes and other vendors to provide additional value and have done that successfully for the last four years.

In addition to recovering additional revenue for this organization, we have also provided insight into areas for process improvement that have been implemented and yielded positive results for them.

Together, we leave no stone unturned.


Our team utilizes Nemadji for their Eligibility Detection solution.

The partnership with Nemadji has been a benefit to our organization—in addition to providing financial benefit, identifying missed eligible coverages has assisted our team in improving our front-end workflow.

We have also found value in Nemadji’s identification of retroactive coverages that are typically very difficult for us to identify timely.

Since we first started working together, Nemadji has generated an additional $2.4 million in revenue for this hospital.

What’s Different About Nemadji?

Compared to other vendors, Nemadji provides us with timely responses and the option to challenge or critique their process. Our team’s interactions with the Nemadji team are limited, however the communications have always been positive.

What Value Did Nemadji Bring to Your Hospital and Team?

Partnering with Nemadji has allowed us to improve our internal workflows through the information provided in Nemadji’s client reports.

During this pandemic season, Nemadji has assisted us in special ad hoc projects that have allowed our organization to participate in various federal programs that provide reimbursement to healthcare organizations who are providing services for COVID-19 related conditions to uninsured patients.

Nemadji helped us confirm whether or not our patients were truly uninsured—and provided billable coverage information for the patients that had eligibility from another source.

In one batch, they identified billable coverage for just over 15% of the patients who had indicated they were uninsured at registration.

Check back next month for another success story.

In the meantime, take a look at Working With Nemadji | Part 1: Nimble and Driven to Provide Value.

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