Founded in 1985 by Becky and the late Gene Lourey, Nemadji is a family-owned, nationally based business located in northern Minnesota.

The Loureys’ vision was to form a company that generated additional revenue for hospitals and, in turn, allowed those hospitals to better serve their patients and communities. To achieve their vision, Gene designed and engineered Nemadji’s proprietary product: an efficient and highly accurate data-mining system that could constantly evolve to meet individual client needs. Our technology has advanced since then, but even today we continue to use a version of Gene’s original system as part of our solution.

Nemadji has been in business for over 35 years and has a proven track record of increasing net revenue for clients.

We work with you every step of the way, integrating with (never disrupting) your existing revenue infrastructure and delivering exceptional client services, all while keeping data security a top priority. Nemadji is a SOC II, HIPAA, and HITECH-compliant organization. A copy of our annual SOC II report is available upon request.

Let us focus on finding your missing revenue so you can focus on what matters most—caring for patients.

You already made the money. We help you find it.
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