Denial Health Check

Team Leadership

Tony Lourey

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Benzie

Chief Financial Officer

12 Years

Yvette Maloney

Director of Product Management

21 Years

Anna Lattu

Director of Product Development

7 Years

Mary Beth Kester

Director of Operations

2 Years

Hannah Sweeney

Director of Business Development

16 Years

Aaron Oetterer

Director of IT/ISO

22 Years

Shelley Kester

Director of HR

21 Years

Heidi Lourey

Compliance Officer

33 Years

Jake Ketchmark

Accounting Manager

8 Years

Becky Bundschuh

Business Applications Manager

15 Years

Amber Ketchmark

Marketing Manager

8 Years

Katie Peterson

Operations Manager-Denial Solutions

12 Years

Dave Fornengo

Operations Manager-Eligibility Detection