Working With Nemadji | Part 1: Nimble and Driven to Provide Value

In the coming months, we will be sharing a series of blogs that focus on people who are willing to share their first-hand experience of the value that Nemadji’s solutions have provided the hospital(s) they have worked with us at.

The first blog in this series comes from Jennifer Neal, former VP, Revenue Cycle at Centra Health.


While serving as the VP, Revenue Cycle at Centra Health, we were a client of Nemadji. I interacted with them during their quarterly reporting meetings and as needed between meetings.

We had a great relationship with Hannah, who was always available and eager to listen to our feedback as well as offer suggestions. She gently pushed us when we needed it and provided valuable input regarding our processes.

What’s Different About Nemadji?

Nemadji provides a high touch relationship, meaning they partner with us to determine the best method to provide maximum value. They don’t have a cookie cutter approach—to use the baking analogy—they provide a custom cake decorating service with processes and designs.

They approached us with a true desire to partner with a bi-directional communication style that was appreciated.

What Value Did Nemadji Bring to Your Hospital and Team?

Nemadji located eligibility and as a result, we recovered $4m in payments over four years.

Aside from the financial benefit we received from them as our safety net eligibility vendor—which is significant—we received reporting that allowed us to focus on the weak spots in our internal processes and training. These weaknesses were always highlighted in a constructive manner that drove staff to improve and not be defensive.

Final Thoughts

I recommend Nemadji as a high value partner/vendor.

We utilized their Eligibility Detection services as a safety net, but they can also be used to augment staff when necessary to locate coverage prior to billing patients directly, which would improve patient satisfaction.

The organization is nimble and driven to provide value and satisfaction to their clients. With no financial risk to prospective clients, can you afford NOT to learn more?

Check back next month for another success story.

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