Nemadji Recovers More than $16.9M for Teaching Hospital in 11 Years

Revenue cycle technology created a safety net for this teaching hospital.


Revenue cycle leaders at a teaching hospital in the Southern United States were utilizing a variety of resources to increase efficiencies in their processes and maximize revenue capture.

They determined they were in need of a partner to help with accounts that were currently being written-off to charity care and bad debt.


Focusing on aged Medicare and Medicaid accounts initially, Nemadji proposed Eligibility Detection, a complementary service that would minimize potential write-offs and identify patient accounts with previously unknown insurance eligibility.

Nemadji got to work reviewing all accounts older than 109 days—including accounts that had previously been reviewed by the hospital’s internal resources and other back-end eligibility vendors.


By implementing Nemadji’s Last-in-Line approach to Eligibility Detection, this hospital was able to increase the efficiency of their revenue cycle processes and reduce the potential of lost revenue.

In 11 years, Nemadji has recovered more than $16.9 million for this hospital.

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