FBpixel Case Study | Nemadji Helps Small Health System Find $10.3M in Lost Revenue
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Case Study | Nemadji Helps Small Health System Find $10.3M in Lost Revenue


A small health system in Georgia needed help recovering revenue on the back-end. Although the system was using a front-end patient advocacy vendor to verify eligibility upon arrival, they recognized that Nemadji’s approach and expertise would complement their overall efforts to optimize revenue.

Eligibility Detection Complements Front-End Processes


Our team reviewed accounts for patients that had previously been identified as uninsured. By unifying the data in patient histories, our team was able to identify accounts that still had reimbursement potential.

$10.3M Recovered From Payers


Nemadji partnered with this health system for over nine years, recovering an additional $293,000 in the first year alone by focusing only on Medicaid and Medicare accounts. Later, we broadened our focus to include commercial insurance.

To date, our team has recovered $10.3 million in lost revenue for this system.

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