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Eligibility Detection

Nemadji reviews patient accounts for missing or unknown eligibility across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance.

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A Force of Good

As a trusted partner to hospitals across the country, we collaborate with you every step of the way. Our goal is to form a partnership with your team to create an efficient workflow and ensure you don’t lose money you’re entitled to.

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"The partnership with Nemadji has been a benefit to our organization—identifying missed eligible coverages has assisted our team in improving our front end workflow."

"I think they are really creative and ingenious in how they work with accounts. I don’t know how they do it, or what their secret sauce is, but I know that they analyze historical patterns and are really good at data analysis. I don’t know anyone else who is doing what they are doing."

"Nemadji provides great service to our organization and we have never had a bad experience with their team. They feel like our team!"

"Throughout our working relationship, Nemadji has been efficient, consistent, friendly and always available. It is nice to work with a vendor who consistently maintains our relationship by seeking ways to support us through their services and understanding our goals as a healthcare network."

"Nemadji's response time and accuracy of information really makes a difference with the effective resolution of business matters."

"In the past 11 years, this has been the most rewarding partnership that I have been a part of. We have had some process and people changes but Nemadji and team have been able to keep up with us through it all—including an entire patient account management system overhaul—and the results never waiver. They always come through for us continuing to find insurance opportunities and help improve processes along the way."

"The work that Nemadji is doing through both of their solutions is worth more than I can tell you. Every dollar we can recover helps us to not have to send employees home—it helps us avoid staff layoffs."

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Contact Nemadji to start converting bad debt, charity care, self-pay, and write-offs into real dollars for your hospital.

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